Join us for an episode at the Arlington museum of Art where we talk to Tre Wilder about his story and current projects. We discuss current, past, and upcoming events! Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Our guest this week (recorded on 4/22) is none other than the DnD group called the Color Guard! They talk to us about their DnD adventures, how this wonderful Lgbtq+ community formed, and where you can catch their epic stories. Onward Color Guards!!!

On this weeks (4/19) episode, we get to chat with engineer and DJ, Dakota Jimenez! We get some really great info on Texas live and some of the inner workings as well as the Dakota's story into getting in to music engineering. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

This episode is thick! We talk about upcoming events, local art projects and the beautiful beginnings of Precision Press with Clint Stephens!

On this episode we chat about how the pulse of arlington culture is going. We review some local performances, some local shops, and the local hip hop scene. Its a long one but full of some really informative stuff. Give it a listen and share. :)

OOOOH MAN! This episode is crazy as we share some crazy stories in the land of local music. Mutha Falcon talks about their latest album and we discuss some of the wild past event. Also there is a little surprise at the end so make sure to check it out!

On this episode of Arlington distorted we have Marissa Soto as our guest! She discusses the local arlington yoga community and also talks about how the Arlington community has been growing. We also review some of the local events and activities that have gone on around town. Recorded 3/18.

This weeks episode we talk about local culture, upcoming events and guests, and some really cool tid bits on what has been working for the scene. As always, please feel free to send us a message and leave us a comment or suggestion on our fb page or our email at!